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Top rated marketing software reviews? Ontraport is a powerful “all-in-one” marketing automation platform, but there are other Ontraport alternatives with greater performance and faster marketing automation capabilities. Let’s be honest. Running a business and making impressive, consistent weight loss results can be a struggle at times. A difficult balancing act?that requires time, patience, and a great marketing strategy. You and your team will fail at some point. You’ll wear multiple hats even. And you’ll try to quell so many metaphorical fires poking holes in your business processes with little to no success. See additional information on ontraport vs hubspot.

Also, the type of contact information you can save here is unrestricted. Ontraport gives you the power to customize your contact fields based on the information you’d want on your profiles. Then to help you target the right contacts in your campaigns, Ontraport goes ahead and provides supplementary details like appointment history, account activity, engagement history, lead score, purchase history, etc. You should be able to follow up on such parameters from each contact’s profile. You shouldn’t leave it at that though. For the best campaign results, consider grouping and segmenting your contacts based on shared parameters. Thankfully, Ontraport comes with just the right tools for that. It gives you the power to set up dynamic groups using custom rules.

The businesses that do not give this software a chance are reluctant because Ontraport lacks several new-age features that other automation software tools have. However, upon using it, you will realize that Ontraport is as good as any software if its features are compatible with your business. One of the biggest negatives of Ontraport is its split testing feature, it doesn’t provide much data to gauge campaign performance.

Website Builder: Another thing you can do on this platform is build landing pages with ease. The Ontraport website builder function simplifies the entire process and eliminates the need for hiring a web developer or graphic designer. It lets you fully customize both the design and layout of your landing page. Also, the service now includes some highly requested features like mobile view customization and extra capabilities for page personalization. With all that, Ontraport landing pages look amazing.

Well, that approach seemingly resonated with a section of the e-commerce market. And as a result, Ontraport managed to grow quite tremendously in just 10 years. It attracted users at such a high rate that its initial team of three developers has now expanded to a workforce of over 120 employees. They currently work together to support thousands of businesses across the globe. And what do the businesses get in return? Well, to be precise, Ontraport describes itself as an “all in one automation software” that provides “all your tools” and “all your data” in one place. Although it primarily sells itself as an email marketing solution, Ontraport fundamentally offers a complete-cycle customer relationship management system with graphical campaign maps for planning and tracking your customer interactions.